YouNotUs see themselves as a link between the intimate Berlin club scene and tearing up festival stages in front of thousands of dance-mad fans.

Berlin nightlife has always been a vibrant hotspot for creative, offbeat and progressive new thinkers of all stripes. A bubbling pool of artistic free spirits that make the German capital one of the most exciting and dynamic metropolises in the world today. A melting pot of synergies that is constantly on the verge of boiling over - this is where Tobi and Gregor came together seven years ago. Since its founding in 2014, the Berlin DJ and producer duo YouNotUs has become a source of inspiration within the global dance community bit by bit. After numerous top 1 hits and collaborations with hip electro, house and pop acts, YouNotUs will be opening their most important creative chapter in 2019!

Just one year after their founding, YouNotUs recorded their first international mega hit, "Supergirl", together with Alle Farben and Anna Naklab : The track shot from 0 to #1 in Austria and Poland and to #2 in the singles chart in Germany, reaching #1 on the iTunes charts in a total of 16 countries, and was subsequently awarded Gold, Platinum and a Diamond awards several times. The associated video clip took off like a rocket and has generated almost 105 million YouTube views so far. With their 2016 Top 3 follow-up hit "Please Tell Rosie" (also with Alle Farben), YouNotUs took gold and platinum and seamlessly continued their entry-level success with the duo's "Lessons" (in collaboration with Moguai & Nico Santos) and " Woke Up In Bangkok "(along with Deepend featuring Martin Gallop), which attained gold status in Sweden and has over 20 million Spotify streams to date. The Berliners rounded off 2018 with the smash hit "Only Thing We Know" (again with Alle Farben and Kelvin Jones), spending four weeks at #1 on the the airplay charts.

After countless high-profile collaborations with acts like Alle Farben, Graham Candy, Aka Aka, Moguai, Deepend, Polina and many others, in 2019 YouNotUs are focussing on their own releases and invite artists to join them on their tracks. YouNotUs pure and unadulterated: The duo combines driving club beats on its tracks with atmospheric pop harmonies and lyrics rich with images to create an immediately recognisable trademark sound somewhere between a high-energy dancefloor feeling and danceable radio hit. Tobias and Gregor love the pulse of their city and the creative friction that Berlin automatically creates. Together, they create their own sound cosmos in their Kreuzberg studio, in which they effortlessly manage a balancing act between Berlin's club underground, mainstream radio playlists and major festival stages. So far, YouNotUs have played live at all major festivals including Parookaville, Echelon, Docklands, World Club Dome, Melt !, the Helene Beach Festival and many more.

YouNotUs see themselves as a link between the intimate Berlin club scene and tearing up festival stages in front of thousands of dance-mad fans. Originating from the underground, the duo has become one of the most acclaimed and promising electronic acts with pop appeal within the global Deep House scene. Tobias explains the duo's special style mix as follows: "Our music has a lot to do with escapism. We want to offer a distraction from everyday life; a world into which our listeners can dream. It does not matter if it's day or night. The real art is to maintain the balance between underground influences and pop. We like to be inspired by the Berlin nightlife and love the space, the unlimited possibilities that this city promises. And of course the contrast of the party lifestyle and the grungy grubbiness that characterises this place. That's what we try to convey in our tracks: A danceable edgy flow where you can hang on with your ears. Each track has its own life; We are attracted by the moment when you breathe life into a piece and make it work. "

Like on the all-new late-March single "Narcotic", which sees YouNotUs giving Liquido's eponymous `90s top hit a thorough electropop makeover in typical YNU style. With its fine sense of detail, the duo has rolled up the alternative rock hymn from behind and converted it into a real summer hit with loads of exotic feelgood vibes. As a vocal support, they were able to get singer Janieck (Lost Frequencies, Alle Farben) on board and - just in time for the 20th anniversary release of this popular melody - none other than Liquido frontman Wolfgang Schrödl aka Senex as a special guest! "He works in the same building complex in Kreuzberg, where our studio is," continues Gregor. "It was a good idea to cover his big smash hit in our own way. Our version even includes the original synthesizer from the past; Wolfgang also recorded the guitars. I think we made a great version together! "

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